Senior goverment officials presenting their projects

Private one to one meetings

Engage with the audience presenting your company

One day training programme at the LSE

One day technical visits

The first ABDIB-LSE Infrastructure Mission aims to provide attendees with business opportunities, network possibilities and exchange of experiences about the Brazilian and international infrastructure sectors, with a main focus on Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and concession projects.

It combines a training programme at the London School of Economics (LSE), technical visits to infrastructure projects, roadshow of projects and one to one meetings.

The mission will bring together representatives and decision-makers of the Brazilian Federal government, such as the Investment Partnerships Program (PPI), representatives of the State Governments of Sao Paulo, Piaui and Bahia, as well as executives from large infrastructure Brazilian companies and selected guests.

This will be the ideal environment for participating governments to show in detail some of their most relevant projects to potential international investors, sponsors, operators and infrastructure supply chain. It is also an excellent occasion for Brazilian private companies to present themselves to the international market, stimulating the generation of opportunities and business partnerships given the next round of auctions and bidding procedures to be promoted by the Brazilian Federal government and selected State and City Governments in 2018.

Themes: Airports, Railways, Roadways, Ports, Oil and Gas, Energy, National Mint, LightRail, Sanitation, Hospitals and Schools.




The mission will include


Free roadshow access

Two roadshow days and one to one meetings with governments and companies.

Online networking

Exclusive access to One2One RDN GLOBAL online meeting scheduler which allows you to arrange unlimited meetings with other registered attendees before the event and plan your agenda in advance.

Understanding Brazil

Find more about political, business and regulatory environments with experts.

See projects details in advance

Access Brazil Federal Government and selected State Governments infrastructure projects’ pipeline through the Global Infrastructure Hub projects database.

See where the opportunities are

Watch senior public officials presentations on business opportunities in the Brazilian infrastructure market (Federal, State and Local levels).

Brunch breaks

Available for all participants, enjoy delicious meals while networking with government officials and private sector stakeholders in a relaxed atmosphere.

+6 hours One to One meetings

Pre-scheduled private one to one meetings with key government officials will ensure that you obtain all necessary information and contacts to establish future business.


High level training programme

1 full day certified training programme at the London School of Economics (LSE) to learn and understand best practices on Public-Private Partnerships and concessions.

Technical visits

Visits to PPP/PFI and concession infrastructure projects, aiming to offer the best experience to the participants and an opportunity to learn first-hand about all details that go into the phases of infrastructure projects.

Brazil-UK Infrastructure Taskforce

Meet selected government officials and business leaders to discuss and propose policy recommendations to foster the commercial relations between Brazil and UK infrastructure stakeholders. Led by Her Majesty Treasury and Department of International Trade.