The 1st ABDIB-LSE Infrastructure Mission has three pillars.

Executive education programme: The participants will engage in an intensive executive education program at one of the world's leading educational institutions, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), . Located in the cradle of PPP/PFIs, the LSE will offer, in partnership with the UK Government, a training course on relevant issues related to the British experience with infrastructure projects. The training programme will be LSE certified.

Technical visits: Visits to PPP/PFI and concession infrastructure projects, aiming to offer the best experience to the participants and an opportunity to learn first-hand about all details that go into the planning, structuring, and implementation phases of infrastructure projects, through the lens of both public and private players involved. An unique opportunity to exchange experiences and learn.

Projects Roadshow and One to One meetings: During the mission, the Brazilian Federal government and selected State and Municipal governments will showcase in details their relevant infrastructure projects going to competition procedures in 2018 for an audience of international investors and related supply chain companies. The Roadshow Programme includes both scenario and projects presentations and the use of a matchmaking platform to arrange individual meetings between (i) governments and potential investors, sponsors and operators; and (ii) Brazilian and international companies operating in the infrastructure market. The idea is to boost real investment opportunities in projects in Brazil.

The main areas covered will include:

Airports, Railways, Roadways, Ports, Oil and Gas, Energy, National Mint, LightRail, Sanitation, Hospitals and Schools.