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The Global Infrastructure Project Pipeline is a free digital platform that allows governments to promote public infrastructure projects to a global investor network. It is designed by the Global Infrastructure Hub, a G20 initiative whose objective is to increase the flow and quality of private and public infrastructure investment opportunities. The Global Infrastructure Hub is a supporter of the 1stABDIB-LSE Infrastructure Mission.

Global Infrastructure Project Pipeline Key Features

  • The project pipeline captures early stage information enabling investors to properly assess opportunities and engage in a global infrastructure market.
  • A unique aspect of project pipeline is that the data is sourced directly from government, and provides global visibility and awareness of countries infrastructure plans.
  • Project pipeline assists in the coordination and timing of new domestic and multijurisdictional infrastructure projects by providing clear and consistent information on current and potential infrastructure projects for investors.

Alternatively, please see the full list and link to each project below.

Brazil Federal Government (Brazilian Investment Partnership Program - PPI)

SUA XX - Lease of Vehicles Terminal at Suape Port / Pernambuco - 
SUA 05 - Lease of Containers at Suape Port / Pernambuco -
STS 13A - Lease of Liquid Bulk at Santos Port / São Paulo -
STS 13 - Lease of Liquid Bulk in the Port of Santos / São Paulo -
Airports in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast (13 Airports) -
24 transmission lots - Transmission Facilities Concession -
Privatization - Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S/A – Eletrobrás -
Grain Terminals in the Port of Paranaguá/PR - (PAR 07, PAR 08, and PAR XX) -
Liquid Bulk Terminals in the Port of Vitória/ES -
Liquid Bulk Terminals in the Port of Belém/PA - (BEL 02A, BEL 02B, BEL 04, BEL 08, and BEL 09) - 
PPP for Communications Network Management - Aeronautics Command – COMAER -
Highway BR-116/RJ/SP – Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo -
BR 153/GO/TO - From Aliança do Tocantins to Anápolis -
Highway BR 364/RO - Porto Velho to Comodoro -
Electricity Distribution Company of the State of Alagoas - CEAL -
Energy Company of Piauí – CEPISA -
Boa Vista Electricity Distribution -
Amazonas Energy S.A. -
Power Station of Rondônia S.A. – CERON -
Electricity Distribution Company of the State of Acre – Eletroacre - 
LPG terminals in Porto Miramar/PA - (BEL 05, and BEL 06) - 
Liquid Bulk Terminals in the Port of Vila do Conde/PA - (VDC 12) -
Wood Chip Terminal in the Port of Santana/AP - (MCP1) -
Vehicle Terminal in the Port of Paranaguá/PR - (PAR12) -
General Cargo Terminal at the Port of Itaqui/MA - (IQI 18) -
Cellulose Terminal at the Port of Paranaguá/PR - (PAR01) -
EF 151 – SP/MG/GP/TO – North-South Railroad -
EF 334/BA - FIOL Railroad -
EF 170 – MT/PA - Ferrogrão Railroad -
Highway BR-101/SC – Paulo Lopes to São João do Sul -
Highway BR - 364/365/MG/GO - Uberlândia to Jataí -
South Integration Highway - (BR-101/290/386/448/RS) -

São Paulo State Government

Imaging diagnosis -
Highways of the São Paulo State's Coastline -
North Ring Road -
New City Albor -
Intercity Buses – ARTESP -
Metropolitan Passenger Transportation (EMTU) -
Intercity Train – ICT -
Subway: Line 15 (Prata/Monorail) - 
Line 08 (Diamond) and Line 09 (Emerald) - 
Housing – City Center PPP – Lot 02 - 
Expansion of the Tietê River Waterway - 
Ibirapuera Gymnasium -
Energy Efficiency in School Units - 
Line 5 (Lilac) – Subway and Line 17 (Gold) – Monorail - 

Piaui State Government

Piaui Connected (boadbrand)- 
Subconcession of Water and Sewage Services:
Multi-sports Gym Dirceu Mendes Arcoverde (Verdao):
Highway Transcerrados:
Port of Luis Correia:
Teresina Light Rail:
Expansion of Full-time School Infrastructure Network:
Regional Airports:
Maternal and Child Hospital:

Bahia State Government

SVO PROJECT (Bridge Salvador- Itaparica Island) - 
Suburban Light Rail Vehicle -